• Spongebuff1991


    January 17, 2019 by Spongebuff1991

    I have been noticing that a good majority of these articles have been copied and pasted from Wikipedia, which is plagiarism and plagiarizing is against this website's policy like any other website policy. It is against the rules of the website to plagiarise. Not only that, it is against the law! I deleted the page for Ducktales due to plagiarizing from Wikipedia. I cannot keep this site up if people here don't follow one of the major rules of this site, which is no plagiarism. Please for goodness sakes, write the article in YOUR OWN WORDS! I don't like to get upset, but I have a right to be in this case. If this keeps going on, I will delete the page you added! So, please remember one of the rules of this site to not copy and paste from ot…

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  • Trevor807

    LJM News

    May 13, 2018 by Trevor807

    I licensed Larry, Jimmy, & Maddie to the R-Home restaurant in Texas for advertising.

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  • Trevor807

    New Wikis

    March 11, 2018 by Trevor807

    You know me. I'm an admincrat of this wiki, founder of Entertaining Books Wiki and admin of Best TV Shows Wiki and Different History Wiki. But I just created two more wikis.

    They are Failed Brands Wiki:, and Turvy Toys Wiki: I hope you have a good time editing and adding pages. But don't be a zounderkite OK?

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