Cars 3

Cars 3 is a 2017 CGI animated Pixar film.


Superstar racer Lightning McQueen is racing again with his friends Bobby Swift and Cal Weathers. All racers have been great following friendly racing and you could say pranks to Cal Weathers. This all ends when the new generation of race cars arrives which the 1st one to be Jackson Storm. Jackson always keeps getting in the lead leaving McQueen fading.

The next race things got worse with 6 new generation racers coming in. This causes the retire of Cal Weathers. Even worse. Every old race car (including Bobby Swift) retires of good and have been replaced by new racers. This leads of Jackson Storm telling McQueen to give up (which is his secret to win) which causes McQueen to try and go fasters but eventually crashes. 4 months later McQueen stays in Doc's shed confused of his future and recovering. McQueen goes to the Ruteze Training place and meets his trainer Cruz Ramierez.

During this McQueen goes through Derby racing, meeting new friends and of course training.

Why It's Better Than Cars 2

  1. It has the old characters again.
  2. Fantastic start and ending.
  3. Great new characters.
  4. Better jokes.
  5. A more interesting plot once again focusing on Lightning.