Superman II is a 1980 sequel to the 1978 film Superman. The film stars Christopher Reeve returning as the title character, Margot Kidder and Gene Hackman.


A few years have passed since the first film and Lex Luthor meets up with the three criminals from the planet Krypton (Ursa, Non and Zod) from the first film and decides to become President.

Why It's Better Than Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

  1. This sequel takes place almost exactly where the first film left off and doesn't ignore the events of the predecessor.
  2. The original cast returns (except for Glenn Ford since he died in the first film).
  3. Lex Luthor is back with his bumbling sidekick Otis and is out for revenge for an even more evil deed.
  4. Superman Did a great job in the film.
  5. Zod Ursa and Non are awesome villians. Zod also appeared In 2013 Film "Man Of Steel".


  1. Again, The Fight scene aren't age well like the first film.
  2. The 3rd And The 4th one were just a trainwreck.